Receipt: sale detail


This article explains how you can customize the content of the sale detail on your receipt.


1/ How is printed the sale detail on my receipt?

You can find up to 2 different fonts (sometimes 3) into your printer. Each font is linked to a number of columns (different from a printer to another). It means that you can only print a maximum number of characters per line for each font.
Ex: the Epson T20II printer can print 64 characters per line for font A and 48 characters per line for font B.

By default in your Hiboutik account, we print for each product line: the quantity, the description, the unit price, and the total price. The font is the smaller one of your printer. Each line is printed on 56 columns:
[quantity – max 6 characters][description – max 34 char.][unit price – max 8 char.][total price – max 8 char.]
Finally, you can add any content to your receipt layout, if you just assign each component with a maximum number of characters.


2/ How to customize the sale detail of my receipt?

In Settings/Users/Access management, enable the right: Manage receipt advanced settings.
Then go to Settings/Printing/Receipt.

Here you can select the different components you want to be displayed on your ticket:

Name Notes
Product Name of the product
Short name Short name of the product if fulfilled in the product form, or name of the product
Category Category the product belongs to
Unit price  
Unit price before discount Selling price incl. tax fulfilled in the product form
Unit price excl. tax  
Discount Amount of the unit discount incl. tax, preceded by the term “Discount”
Total discount = (Unit discount incl. tax) x Quantity
Points Points earned on the product line, followed by the term “points”
Variant Name of the product variant
Total incl. tax = (Unit price x Quantity
Total excl. tax = (Unit price x Quantity
S/N Serial number
Supplier Name of the product supplier
Supplier code  
Brand Name of the product brand
Product ID Product reference on Hiboutik
Tax rate in %
Notes Notes of the product line
Product modifiers Modifiers of the product, separated by the | character
Notes if <> Nothing|Name of the product Prints the notes of the product line if it exists, otherwise it prints the name of the product

For each component you must select the length (maximum number of characters), the round (for digital values), and the text alignment.

The font of the content is the last font setup in the header of your receipt (or font A by default). To change the font on your receipt, please read the following article: Receipt – header and footer.
To print only one line for each product of the sale, the total of component characters should not exceed your font number of columns.

If a product of the sale is not affected by a component (ex: no discount or no loyalty point), nothing is printed on the receipt.

If you delete all components in Settings/Printing/Receipt, you will go back to the default Hiboutik layout.


3/ Example

In our example we will use font B of the printer. We go to Settings/Printing/Receipt and we add the following code in the header of the receipt: <hibou_use_font_b>

Our printer has 42 columns for font B.
We want to display:
– on the first line: the quantity, the description, the size if there is one, and the total price.
– on the second line: the discount if there is one.

Here is the content fulfilled in Settings/Printing/Receipt and the sample ticket:


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