Hiboutik API REST: callback URL


When a sale is closed, Hiboutik sends all information about this sale to the URL you have setup in Settings/General settings.
You can setup a different callback URL for each of your stores (multi-stores accounts).


1/ Why should I use a callback URL?

Some examples:
– If products displayed on your website are coming from your physical store inventory, you can sync your online stock the minute you close a sale in your store.
– If you manage a loyalty program apart from Hiboutik, you can update for each sale in your CRM software your customer loyalty account.
– When someone purchases something from your shop, you can send him automatically a survey to get his customer experience.

In general, you can invoke any action when you close a sale: send an email to your customer, send an SMS with your turnover, change the light intensity in your shop…you can imagine everything…

Instead of sending requests every ten minutes to your Hiboutik API (and consuming the limited numbers of calls authorised by account), you can do it only when you need it with your callback URL.


2/ How can I set it up?

Just go in Settings/General settings and enter the URL on which you have installed your script.

When you close a sale, the following information will be POST to your URL:
– order_id : the sale ID
– unique_order_id : the close sale ID (continuous and chronological close sale number)
– shop_id : the shop ID (for multi-stores accounts)
– customer_id : the customer ID
– vendor_id : the vendor ID
– date_time : the date and time when you sale is closed

You can then request Hiboutik POS software API to get the specific information you need.

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