What POS hardware should I use ?


With your Hiboutik POS account, you can connect and use your professional POS hardware to print tickets or labels; scan barcodes…This article gives you information, tips and advices for several compatible products.


1/ Receipt printer

Hiboutik is compatible with most ESC/POS receipt printers (standard command syntax and protocol for ticket printers). A thermal receipt printer must be loaded with thermo-sensitive paper in rolls of 3-1/8” or 2-1/4” width.

If you are using a single device with a USB port, you can buy a local printer (USB interface).
But, if you are working on a tablet (Android, iOS,…) or if you want to print on the same printer from different devices, you must use a network printer (preferably Ethernet because not all WIFI models may be compatible with your hardware).
With an Android tablet (only), you can also use a Bluetooth printer.

The setup guide to install your printer on Hiboutik is available in the “Settings/Printing/Printing tests” tab of your account.

a- You cannot use a standard laser printer (A4 printer) to print your receipts. Only invoices can be printed out on your standard printer, through a PDF file.
b- if you don’t have the drivers of your printer, you can install it as a Generic/Raw printer on your computer. For Android tablets, no driver is needed. For Ipad, please contact our customer service before purchasing your printer hardware.
c- to print your logo on your receipts, you must first upload your logo into your printer. In general, the manufacturer of your printer has provided a utility (software) to perform this operation. Please note these utilities work under Windows so foresee to use a computer with Windows to proceed to your logo upload.
d- We don’t recommend Star printers because they don’t understand the ESC/POS language without going though the Star drivers. It will not be a problem for local receipt printers (USB). But for network printers (Ethernet), you will need to install the Star drivers on the device your are using (and sometimes it is not compatible). The main advantage of a network printer to work independently from the devices used, is lost.


2/ Label printer

For a direct printing of your labels from your Hiboutik account, you must be equipped with a ZPL label printer (USB or network).
You can customize the layout and content of your labels as explained in this article:

If you don’t have a ZPL label printer, you will have to download your product database from your Hiboutik account, and use the software of your label printer.


3/ Cash Drawer

A cash drawer has to be connected to your receipt printer with a DK cable (a kind of RJ11 cable at one end).
The receipt printer sends information to open the cash drawer. You don’t need to make any additional setup in your Hiboutik account if your receipt printer is already installed.
Some cash drawers (generally poor quality ones) do not meet the standard electrical pulses to open. In this case you must contact our customer service.

To plug two cash drawers on a single printer, you need to swap #2 & #5 pins of your DK connector.


4/ Barcode scanner

No additional setup is required to work in your Hiboutik account.
A barcode scanner behaves like a keyboard and will type the barcode number as you scan the barcode label. So, you just need to install your barcode scanner on your device. Be careful to check the compatibility of the scanner with your operating system (drivers), especially for tablets.

Some scanners will require extra programming to be done because they are often setup for the US market. You should follow the setup guide of your scanner to switch the country (just a barcode to scan when you enter the settings).


5/ Installation support

All installation procedures are explained in the “Settings/Printing/Printing tests” tab of your Hiboutik account, or on this blog.
If you want us to carry out the printer installation, you can subscribe to this service in the “Sales/ Subscriptions” tab of your account. A technician will remotely access to your computer via TeamViewer software (which you can install here). Beforehand, please tell us the model of your printer, its interface (USB, Ethernet …) and your operating system.


To purchase your POS hardware, we highly recommend pos-hardware.eu. All products displayed are 100% compatible with Hiboutik.

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