Importing customers

In your Hiboutik account, you can import an existing customer database with a spreadsheet file (.csv, .xls,…).

In Settings/Users/Access Management, enable the right: “Manage the export and import customer files”.

Then, go to Customers/Customer settings/Upload data, and download the template file.
The template file is a .CSV file (“;” as delimiters and with an UTF-8 character encoding) you could normally open in any spreadsheet program like Excel.
This file has as many different columns as there are different customer criteria you can import in your Hiboutik account:
– the last name of your customer,
– his first name,
– his title (1 for male, 2 for female),
– his email,
– his address,
– his postal code (zip code),
– his city,
– his country,
– his country in ISO 3161-1 alpha-3 format (ex: GBR for the UK, USA for the USA),
– his phone number (preferably with no blank neither delimiter; you should format these cells as text to keep the initial 0),
– his birth date (format AAAA-MM-JJ),
– a note,
– his initial balance of loyalty points

If you are not concerned by some fields, leave them empty.
You should not delete any column.
You should not alter the order of the columns.
The first line of your file (names of your columns) will not be imported.

You can use the Replace function of your spreadsheet to substitute data in your import file. ex: Replace “Male” with “1”.

Then save your import file (preferably in .csv with ; as delimiters).
And import it in Customers/Customer settings/Upload data in your Hiboutik account.
Check data imported and confirm it.

An example:

the owl has written 47 articles