Install a thermal printer with Mac



1/ Install your printer

If you have a network printer (Ethernet, Wifi), please read this article – set up a network printer -,retrieve your printer IP address, and go to step 2.

If you have a local printer (USB, serial), you must install your printer on your Mac with the CUPS service. To open CUPS go to
If CUPS is disabled, open your Terminal (Applications/Utilities/Terminal) and type the command
cupsctl webinterface=yes and the Enter key.
To login CUPS, you will be asked for your Mac username and password.
In the Administration tab of CUPS, add your printer:
– enter necessarily the same Name and Description (make a copy/paste),
– select “Raw” as Manufacturer (Make) and “Raw queue” as Model.


2/ Install Himp

Download the Himp printing utility for Mac (
Himp creates the link between your printer and your Hiboutik account.

To install Himp, open your Terminal (Applications/Utilities/Terminal) and type the following commands:
cd Downloads/Himp, then Enter key (this command is to reach the Himp file in your Downloads file)
./, then Enter key (this command is to install Himp

Himp is running with Java program. If Java is not setup on your computer, Himp will automatically install it.
For local printers, Himp will prompt you to assign a printer at each printing function (receipts or labels).
When Himp is successfully setup, you can close the Terminal.

You will find a lot of relevant information online about how your Mac Terminal works, if you are in trouble at this step.


3/ Finalize your printer installation in your Hiboutik account, in Settings/Printing/Printing tests.


Here is an example to setup a USB thermal printer (Epson TM-T20) on Mac :

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